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Mosquitoes are not only a severe nuisance but they are considered a public health crisis by the CDC for their disease-carrying potential. Too many homeowners endure the itchy bites and ruined cookouts when they don’t have to. Hawx provides state-of-the-art mosquito control by using the latest technology from Bayer combined with the proper techniques. Don’t lose your yard this season to moquitos. Enjoy what you have. Go outside again. Our mosquito program comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee so don’t delay. Start our program today and reclaim your yard!

Treatment Areas

We focus our treatments on the trees, shrubs, bushes, standing water areas, and potential breeding sites. We begin service with an initial treatment desgined around killing the mosquitoes where they hide and eliminating their ability to reproduce. We maintain the property with regular monthly treatments re-establishing the protective barriers.



By combining the latest technology provided by Bayer with state-of-the-art techniques, you’ll be 100% satisfied with our mosquito services. We...




During the daytime, mosquitos rest underneath the shade of the bushes. We treat bushes to eliminate mosquitos while in this resting state so you...

Water Areas

Water Areas

Water Areas

Mosquitos multiply and leave their eggs to hatch on the water. We treat the water areas to eliminate reproduction. Our product is safe for...

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      Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! She even took off her shoes in our home! Got the job done quick! Answered all of my questions! And genuinely cared about the issues we were having. Would definitely recommend! Haven't seen any more black widows.
      Sarah Fitzgerald
      Hawx is an amazing company who cares about their customers and providing excellent service! They take their time and are organized and professional. Their service professionals know what they are doing, Houston does a great job time and time again.
      Sydney Wilfley
      Sydney Wilfley, CA

      Everyone with Hawx has been exceptional to deal with, from scheduling to treating my house. Thomas just administered my latest home treatment and did a wonderful job explaining how they will be treating for the upcoming season due to the mild winter we had. They are always courteous and respectful of my time and space and treat each concern quickly and thoroughly.

      Elisa Smith
      Elisa Smith, IN

      Save $50 by calling today! (855) 527-2343